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Lily Ayotte


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Welcome to my page! I am the band teacher here at Conley Elementary School. I teach instrumental lessons for flute, clarinet, alto saxophone, french horn, trumpet, trombone, baritone, and percussion. 

Our fourth and fifth graders at Conley are able to take instrument lessons and be a part of our Concert Band. If your child is interested in playing a musical instrument, please feel free to send me an email!

If your child is currently taking lessons with me, please note my calendar page - it displays the date and time that everyone has their lessons. 

Online Instrument Lessons!

While all school instruction has been moved to online, instrument lessons will still continue! Have your child check their grade's Google Classroom concert band page weekly for updates, announcements, and Zoom links to join their virtual lessons. 

How To Attend Online Instrument Lessons


  • Check Google Classroom 5 minutes before your scheduled instrument lesson for the teacher to post a Zoom link.
  • Click the link and enter the waiting room for the meeting.
  • Find an area where you can sit in a sturdy chair with good posture (no squishy couches!).
  • Set up your device so that you and as much of your instrument as possible can fit in the camera.
  • Find a music stand for your method book (a table could work).
  • Grab a pencil.

In the meeting:

  • When the teacher shares music on your device's screen, watch as she points to the music and explains.
  • When playing together, everyone BUT the teacher needs to be muted to prevent a feedback loop.
  • When playing solo, everyone BUT the soloist needs to be muted. 
  • Sometimes, you may need to hold up your instrument to the camera to show the teacher a fingering.
  • Take notes with your pencil when the teacher instructs you to, or whenever you need to make a note.

Online Instrument Lessons Schedule


10:00 - 5th Grade Flutes
10:30 - 5th Grade Clarinets
11:00 - 5th Grade Saxophones
11:30 - 5th Grade Trumpets and Trombones
1:00 - 5th Grade Percussion
1:30 - 5th Grade Pianos


10:00 - 4th Grade Clarinets
10:30 - 4th Grade Saxophones
11:00 - 4th Grade Trumpets and French Horns
11:30 - 4th Grade Trombones and Baritones