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Lily Ayotte


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Welcome to my page! I am the band and instrumental music teacher here at Bethlehem Township. I teach instrument lessons to our 4th-8th grade students, and I direct the concert band. Instruments that I teach here are the flute, clarinet, alto saxophone, french horn, trumpet, trombone, baritone, and percussion. 

We have just completed our school year while taking instrument lessons completely online! To conclude our school year, all instrumental students in 4th-8th grade had the opportunity to participate in our first ever virtual concert band! Check out their amazing performance here: Virtual Concert Band: "Star Wars - Main Theme"

2020-2021 Band Sign-Ups:

If you will be starting the fourth grade next school year, you now have the opportunity to begin learning a musical instrument! When you begin learning an instrument at our school, you will take small group lessons with your classmates who have picked the same instrument as you, and you will also be a part of the concert band - that is where all students play their different instruments together in one big group!

Deciding to learn how to play an instrument for the first time is also not just for fourth grade! Any student in grades 4 through 8 can start learning an instrument at Bethlehem Township. It is never too late to begin!

If you would like to join concert band for the first time this fall, please visit my "Meet the Instruments" page to learn all about the instruments that you can find in our school's concert band. Then, visit my "Join Concert Band" page to complete the sign-up form!

If you are a returning student, please complete the Concert Band Sign-Up form as well to register for lessons for the 2020-2021 school year.