Intervention and Referral Services (I&RS)

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Township School District

Thomas B. Conley School


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     The INTERVENTION AND REFERRAL SERVICES, I&RS, is a team of educators which includes an administrator, the school counselor, a regular education staff member from grades K-2nd, a regular education staff member from grades 3-4th, a special education teacher, a learning consultant, the speech and language specialist, the referring staff members and any other staff members who could add insight into a particular student situation. 

   The Intervention and Referral Service is a team of educators, empowered to meet and advise classroom teachers of teaching strategies and materials that might work with a student that is not achieving satisfactorily in a classroom or subject or achieving above satisfactorily in the classroom instructions. I&RS referrals are neither Special Education nor Child Study Team students, although one alternative the I&RS may recommend is testing by the CST. 

    The Conley I&RS team meets approximately once a month. The maximum number of students to review at a meeting is four with thirty minutes scheduled per student. After the I&RS meeting, a follow-up action plan will be generated which includes all the strategies and activities recommended by the committee. This includes but is not limited to identification of who will be responsible for providing services and when the recommendations will commence and for how long.

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