Great Kindness Challenge

Conley School Receives The Great Kindness Challenge Award

Thomas B. Conley receives the honor of becoming a Kindness Certified School!


When we embarked on the mission to make the Great Kindness Challenge a focus of our Conley School student body in 2015-2016, we had no idea we would encounter such an amazing outpouring of caring acts and endless examples of remarkable compassion. Our hearts are truly filled with the enduring sense of goodwill represented by our Conley students and staff throughout the school year. As recipients of the Great Kindness Challenge award, we are proud to be a part of a broader national commitment to making kindness matter through genuine empathy and a commitment to the well-being of others. We look forward to carrying this endeavor forward with the message “Kindness Matters” resonating throughout our school hallways in the new school year ahead!